Our Services

    Web Design and Hosting For Churches of Any Budget

    Rapid Turnaround

    After years of working with churches we have gotten pretty good at knowing what churches need. As a result we have developed a streamlined system that allows for rapid web development. We aim to build and go live with most sites within the course of two weeks.

    Stress Free

    Not only do we build the site for you for a fraction of the price of many do it yourself companies, but if you want we will also post your content and make alterations for you so that your site can change with your needs and you can focus on ministry rather than your site.


    We believe that churches should have access to a beautiful website regardless of size, budget, and technology capabilities. As a result we offer full service solutions at prices any church can afford. If however you are the do it yourself type you have that freedom.

    Powered By WordPress

    WordPress now hosts about 1/4 of the websites on the internet including some of the largest businesses in the world. It has become so much more than just a blogging platform as it has grown into a full content management solution that is flexible, stable, reliable, and SEO friendly.


    Good security is a must. We get you away from the chaos of shared hosting, conduct regular software updates including themes, plugins, and WordPress itself, and our hosting includes security software and regular backups. When it comes to security we have you covered.

    Mobile Ready

    All our sites are completely responsive. This means that they will look great regardless of the device a site visitor is using whether that is a phone, tablet, or a full laptop or desktop computer. Visitors can access your content on the go and it helps with SEO.

    Our Story

    As a pastor at a small church I had trouble finding a web solution that fit the needs of our small congregation. I wanted a top quality site that would attract visitors and keep members up to date. I wanted something we could afford, and I wanted to avoid having to spend all my time working on it to update content. I wanted someone to build us a site and I wanted to be able to simply email updates to someone who would be able to post them to the site for us. Many options offered sites that were simply unappealing. They would never attract visitors. The ones who had beautiful sites were well outside our budget, and almost all of them required me to do everything using their tools. I would have to build the site myself and personally update all the content, like church events and sermon series. Since I had a technology background prior to entering the ministry I ended up building the site myself. Restoration Sites is our attempt at providing for for other churches what I could not find: a beautiful, affordable, stress free web solution. Give us two weeks and we will give you a beautiful new site. We build it for you and while our system is easy enough for anyone to post content in a flash, all you have to do is send us a request with the new content you want updated and we will post it for you.

    Who says having a great site has to take all your time and cost an arm and a leg?